With the weaving of bodies and landscapes Silje Lovise Gjertsen's practice delves into the sense of falling; falling into yourself, into sleep, dreaming, depression, imagination or into loss. Gjertsen rotates the land into an internal space — which lingers in-between time — by photographing fractions of inclosed landscapes; capturing an emotion rather than a place. She looks for metaphorical elements in the details of the land to function as passages into different realities, to let them act as a portal into an emotive space — our inner space.


Her work is influenced and inspired by the harsh Nordic climate on the west coast of Norway where she grew up. How the land is affected by the weather and sea is reflected in how she treats her photographic works, linking directly to the subject matter of her practice and its notions of temporality and deterioration. The process of working and developing experimental techniques in the darkroom is essential to her practice.


Her practice is analogue, and all the work is shot on large format and hand-printed in the darkroom.









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